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Banksia Close (Signed)

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, five ordinary people decide to breach restrictions and meet for dinner, where a single conversation will unravel their lives, destroy friendships, and forge new bonds. 


Why do we choose the paths that we do? Why do we believe what we believe? Where does bias come from? How well do we truly understand ourselves, our perceptions, and our judgements of others? Most of all, what, in the end, are we willing to jettison to maintain our sanity? 


Set during one of the longest lockdowns in global history, and covering historical events that changed our world, Banksia Close is a fictional representation of what stress and fear can do to the human condition. A snapshot of a bad dream that took the entire world by surprise, irrevocably changing the way we live, understand, and behave. 

Banksia Close (Signed)

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