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Coming to Kindle Unlimited on December 16th 2023
Available Globally March 16th 2024, including paperback. 

Banksia Close


Wow. What a book! Who knew a 600 odd page book about a dinner party could be so riveting and unputdownable!


Good Reads

Riveting. Touches the heart and the soul. A great page-turner.


Good Reads

Lots of twists and turns. Once I started, I couldn't stop reading until the end.


Good Reads

In The Press


My Work

My writing is different. I don't particulary care about formulas or marketability as a motive. Such factors ensure boring, predictable books. For me, reading should be a soul experience. Stories are not simply a form of entertainment, but an opportunity to challenge the status quo, to ask questions, and to reflect on the world as it is lived by all of us. My aim is to write books that you don't simply forget, but wish to keep, if not because you simply enjoy the story, but because they change you.
My Community

My readers are my family. Too many writers hide behind their prose, uninterested in truly connecting with the individuals they write for. Through my blog, I share the journey of the stories I write, hopeful that readers will connect with what they are seeing. This content is widely varied, sometimes political or intellectual, and will often tackle difficult issues. I heavily research my work, looking to create rich stories that can teach, inspire, challenge and confront. Feedback from readers during this process is an invaluable tool that is not often appreciated as the gift that it is.
Join The Journey 

I am an unusually open person who is happy to share my journey, not just as a writer, but as a human being. Connecting with readers shouldn't end with the story. The electronic era gives us all a powerful platform to connect in new ways, ensuring an unparalleled level of equality and involvement. Through my various social media pages and blog posts, I invite you to come behind the scenes of the stories you will read, not only as a reader, but as a shaper of narrative. My content is not about writing, but about research, inspiration and the rabbit warrens which come along with building rich characters. 
After all, true writers should be in it for you, and you yourself may have input that can inspire a story, or even change one in progress.  


Writing books is no picnic, even if you can do it in your PJ's. My plate is very full right now, but I urge you to check back as the development of the novel as it progresses. It is very important that I deliver polished work to my discerning readers, and editing is a necessary evil. I have ensured that the first chapter is ready, so if you'd like to receive a sample, please subscribe and it will be sent to you. 

Down the track, there will be updates, a launch, and book signings where I'd love to meet you and make a toast with some bubbly. 

Until then, keep reading the blog, and if you wish to subscribe, I promise to only pester you with the crucial stuff. I hate pointless spam as much as you do. 




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